Our Division


Bored-cast-in situ Piles | Micro Piles | Secant Piles

Sheet Piles | Soldier Piles | Contiguous Piles

Raker Piles | Stone Piles


Bridges and Flyovers | Road Over Bridges | Open Web Girder

Road Under Bridge by Cut and Cover Method | Limited Height Subway by Box Pushing

Roads Strengthening & Widening | Foundations for Thermal Power Plants | Foot over Bridges

Load Testing

Vertical Load Test | Kentiledge Method | Reaction Method

Lateral Load Test | Pull Out Load Test | Cyclic Load Test

Low Strain Integrity test | High Strain Dynamic Test | Plate Load Test

Foundation Work

Well Sinking Diaphragm Wall 

Soil & Rock Anchoring Excavation in all types of soil Dewatering- Open, Well point

Building & Other Civil Construction Works